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The Benefits of Using Organic Gardening Techniques

Organic gardening is a very distinct and simple way to prepare soil, grow plants and deal with problems like pests or weeds. It does not use heavy chemicals or unsustainable practices. Growing a garden organically is far better than using other methods. You should know some of the main benefits of using organic gardening techniques.

Better Tasting Fruits and Vegetables

If you are following the true tenets of organic gardening, then you are going to get better tasking fruits and vegetables every time. This is especially true if you start growing heirloom varieties of different plants. The heirloom seeds that you are using are unmodified and allow the plant to grow naturally. This means organic fruits and vegetables might look a little different from you are used to although they will taste far better than anything you could purchase in a supermarket.

Healthier Produce

Non-organic growing methods tend to rob your plants and soil of vital nutrients. Different sprays and chemicals can cover your vegetables in toxic substances. These substances can also get inside of the plants through the soil and water. This can have a negative impact on your health. If you are gardening in an organic way, then everything you grow will be healthier. You do not have to worry about toxins in the foods that you grow and eat.

Create a Self-Sustaining Garden

Something that modern chemicals and fertilizers do is to draw out nutrients and minerals from the soil. These harsh chemical products actually turn your soil into a barren wasteland that needs to be supplemented and refreshed at least once at the start of each growing season. This means you will become dependent on the chemicals just to have a garden. If you adopt organic gardening practices, then you will have a self-sustaining garden with soil that replenishes itself every year.

Protect the Environment

There is no doubt that non-organic gardening methods and products harm the environment. Phosphorous can seep into local water supplies causing algae blooms and other problems. The chemicals can also reduce air quality, kill off important pollinators like bees and unintentionally hurt native plants and animals. Organic gardening has either no impact on the environment or can actually help it. If you want to improve the environment in your area, then organic gardening is the only option.

No Need to Handle Chemicals

Something that can be a real problem when gardening with non-organic products and harsh chemicals or fertilizers is that you need to handle those substances. This means you will be breathing in fumes and getting the chemicals on your skin. Some people will have very severe reactions to these products over time. They can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation and rashes. You never need to handle any toxic chemicals when you are gardening organically. Most of the products and techniques are gentle and natural.

Save Money

If you get into a cycle of relying on non-organic products in order to sustain and grow your garden, then you are going to have a large amount of overhead each year. You will need to buy many products to keep your plants growing and to keep the pests or weeds away. This can make gardening uneconomical. If you choose to do organic gardening, then you are going to save money in the long run because you need fewer products and because you can make simple compost or weed treatments from inexpensive household items.

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