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Reno is full of nasty spiders! Spiders are perhaps the most hated of all bugs, especially when they have invaded your home. Besides being creepy and crawly, spiders can pose a threat to you if poisonous. It is important to keep your home spider-free through careful prevention, natural home remedies, or if worst comes to worst, professional extermination.

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Exterminating Spiders in your home

The first thing to know about keeping your home spider free is the importance of keeping your house clean. Piles of junk and clutter are opportune places for them to hide and breed, which can quickly lead to an out-of-hand infestation. Keeping your floors and counters clean and orderly will prevent them from sticking around. Another important aspect is caulking. Make sure that all of your windows, doors and walls are tightly sealed. If you find any cracks, seal them in with caulk as well as replace any torn window screens. If your house is sealed correctly, the chances of them getting in are lessened dramatically.

No matter how excellent your defenses may be, however, spiders are bound to make their way in eventually. When this happens, there are many options that you can take to be rid of them. First of all are the sprays: vinegar or peppermint oil. Both of these ingredients are said to repel them and spraying watered down peppermint oil, and/or vinegar on the counters and floor corners could very well be just what you need.

Another option is Diatomaceous Earth, a fine powder of crushed bug shells that will kill whatever small bug decides to crawl through it. It is completely natural and harmless to humans, but is deadly to insects. Sprinkling this powder on the edges of your rooms is likely to kill not only the spiders in it, but also any other bugs that have taken shelter in your home. Thirdly, investing in quality traps could be worth it. Lay the traps close to where they are located. The sticky paper will ensnare and make it easy to dispose of them.

If there are too many spiders in Reno, then you might just have to move… Just kidding! With these simple home remedies, you can deal with the infestation. This can be dangerous and unhealthy for your home and family. Call professional pest control services in Reno, NV by Safe Pest Control Reno to discuss steps that might have to be taken. It will cost more money, but in the long run it is worth it to protect your health.

Spiders most definitely have the creepy factor on their side. They are small and nearly invisible when they want to be, and yet can be dangerous even for humans. But with specific steps and a careful plan, those spiders will be gone before you can say “Eek!”

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