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Those speedy, creepy, brown insects are every housewife’s top enemy. Cockroach infestation can be a constant and recurring household problem if vigorous and responsible action is not taken to stop the infestation in its tracks. Here are some basic steps to take in order to get your cockroach problem under control.

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Reno

Block their nutrition supply

Like all living things, roaches need nutrition to survive. That is why they especially love homes where they can always find a quick snack. Therefore, be sure not to leave food out for long periods of time, take out your garbage regularly and keep the floors clean. More importantly, Roaches can’t live more than two days without hydration. Look for leaky drains or faucets that need to be repaired.

Seal off Cracks and Holes

Roaches often enter homes through small cracks in the walls. Check for any existing cracks or holes and seal them off. Roaches will most likely invade the kitchen or bathroom, so look in those rooms first, especially around pipes or drains.

Use Cockroach Bait

Store bought gel bait is very effective because it kills the roaches slowly enough for them to first be able to introduce the poison to their nests. However, it is unsafe for pets and children, so it should be used with caution. A safer, homemade alternative is a mix of boric acid with one part flour and one part cocoa or sugar. Line cracks, corners and other areas that they are likely to invade with this solution.

Get Insecticide

Store bought insecticide will kill a cockroach on contact. Spray the insecticide toward cracks and holes or near areas that they frequent. A safer, but less potent form of insecticide can be by mixing two parts water with one part soap. This solution can suffocate the roaches by blocking their breathing pores.

Use Repellants

Pinesol and bleach make excellent repellants. Make your own solution by mixing two cups of pine sol, two cups of bleach and one cup of boiling water. Our company Safe Pest Control Reno recommends that you spray the solution near roach populated areas. The roaches are likely to flee after just thirty minutes.

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In cases of extreme infestation, you may have to resort to calling for professional pest control intervention. However, in most cases, if you stick to your insect raid plan rigorously, you are likely to remove your uninvited guests from your home for good.

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