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Crassulaceae – Succulents


Succulent plants contain thick and fleshy leaves, which are able to retain water well in dry climates and survive dry soil conditions throughout the year. The water is often stored in the stems and leaves, which allows the plants to thrive in warmer months of the year. They’re known to survive off of mist and dew without wilting or drying out, which makes them difficult to kill. The plants are also able to maintain lush and full appearances due to the water that is stored inside the leaves.

Succulent plants are considered ornamental plants for their unique appearance and variety of features. There are a variety of different styles of succulents with different shapes and sizes that are available. They are also a part of 60 families of plants, which includes Crassulaceae, Aizoaceae, and Cactaceae.

Succulent plants

Succulents are commonly found in desert areas and can also survive in indoor conditions if they’re potted properly. They’re considered great houseplants for their ability to thrive in both warm and cold conditions. They can even continue to live in temperatures below 40 degrees at night, but they prefer to live in daytime temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees.

Although succulents can survive poor conditions for an extended period of time, they should still be watered generously during the spring and summer months out of the year. The soil can still remain dry in between waterings. Unfortunately, the plant can become damaged beyond repair if it’s overwatered frequently.

This type of plant is known to grow the most during the summer season, which makes fertilizing it ideal to allow it to thrive and become stronger. It can be fertilized similarly to other houseplants.

Some of the most common types of succulents include the graptopetalum, sempervivum, kalanchoe, senecio, which each have a different color shade and can be used in gardens or in potted plants. For indoor environments, aloe vera is a popular choice for a medicine plant that has healing properties in its sap.

Burro’s tail is another ideal choice and looks beautiful in hanging baskets for a plant that can grow up to three feet long and only requires medium light to survive in each season. Sansevieria trifasciata is one of the most resilient plants and is considered indestructible when it’s placed indoors. Also known as a snake plant, sansevieria trifasciata features bold and clean lines with its leaves and has upright growth that reaches two to three feet high.

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